Airplane. Window Seat. 2F. Take off. Runway. Speeding Up. Rise. Higher. Higher and higher. Blue Sky. Clear view. Skyline. Esplanade. MBS. Financial District. Lavender Park. Left turn. Bintan. Higher and higher. Clouds. Jungle. River. Further left. Blue Sky. Clear View. Heading towards Bangkok. Above deep blue water. Right through cumulus clouds. Blinded from the white. Warmed from the sun. Drowned in memories. 3 years. 3 long years. A look over the shoulder. Singapore is invisible. It is past. Melancholy. Daydreaming. Tears. Gratitude. Good and bad. I don’t like anymore. Letting go. Singapore has come to an end. It doesn’t hurt. Shake away the old chains in my life. Both my hands are free. For a new present. Speechlessness. Trust. With certainty. Today is the best day of my life. And tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. And every day after that. I am so blessed. And thankful. Every single second. Even in the rain. In the rain clouds. While we’re landing. Deeper. First houses. Green fields. Streets. The river meanders. Deeper and deeper. Flooding. Flooded fields. The sun fights through the cumulous clouds and the fog. Sun mirror. Th sun reflects back from the flooded fields. I have never seen Bangkok that beautiful. Mystical. Juicy. Calmed down. Quiet. Fertile. That’s the airport. And the runway. Touch the ground. Slow down. Come to a standstill. Gate. Unbuckle. Stand up. Go out. Bangkok. I am here. And I’ve got quite some new stuff in my bags. #cantwait

Don’t you know. You’re a beautiful soul.

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