A fulfilling life

starts with feelings.

My ICF ACC accredited Professional Life Coaching empowers corporate employees with an international background to connect with their inner guidance so that they live a life they don’t need a vacation from.

“Life feels very peaceful and free, when you identify your true authentic self.”

Mareike Schönig
Transformational Life Coach

“We see time off from work as a necessity to recharge our batteries.


What if work itself could be the source of our energy?

When you feel exhausted and struggle to identify the meaning in what you do, you have two options to choose from:
You can continue on your path and keep telling yourself that this is how life is supposed to be or

you can stop torturing yourself and follow through on the change needed to make your life feel light, peaceful and free. 

So many corporate employees are not entirely satisfied with what they do. They function through their daily lives, strongly disconnected from their real feelings or their real inner selves. 

When you don’t know what you truly feel, who you truly are and what you truly like, many people will aim for what others do.
Other people’s career ambitions, lifestyle decisions and life dreams become yours. You might believe all that is entirely your own choice, but it’s not. It’s an informed decision at most.

You are not too old to make choices for your own life.
It is never to too late to live life as your true authentic self.

Allow your feelings to contribute to a fulfilled being. I know that you can work miracles!

What does COACHING have to do with a MIRROR?

A MIRROR is a tool that reflects our external self so that we can change our outer appearance to look how we want to look.

COACHING is a tool that reflects our internal self so that we can change our inner self to be who we want to be.

What does COACHING have to do with MATH?

In MATH we input numbers into a formula to evaluate the output that it has.
In COACHING we input selected changes into our lives to evaluate the modification that it has.

In both, 2 plus 2 will always equal 4 however we are free to change the input to receive a different output.

What does COACHING have to do with SOFTWARE UPDATES?

When we run SOFTWARE UPDATES we replace an older version of the same software improve overall system stability.

When we attend COACHING we replace old versions of our subconscious behaviour to improve our overall life balance.

What does COACHING have to do with YOGA?

In YOGA, we practice postures, stretch our anatomy and aim to expand our physical limitations up to a point where our body is in pain, but not yet harmed.

In COACHING, we practice behavioural changes, stretch our limiting beliefs and aim to expand our personality up to a point where our inner self feels stretched, but not yet in panic.


In both, there is no right or wrong, there is no better or worse, but everything guided from our own individual pace.

What does COACHING have to do with MARI KONDO?


MARI KONDO helps us to sort our belongings and assists us in letting go of everything unwanted in our homes.

COACHING helps us to sort our inner self and assists us in letting go of everything unwanted in our life.

Mareike Schönig
ICF ACC credited Professional Life Coach

I’m Mareike, Transformational Life Coach, and I help international corporate employees to identify the life that they love.

All it takes is connecting with your feelings and learn to read your intuition to gain clarity about your true authentic self and to feel empowered to make free choices so you can set your fulfilled life in motion.

I partner with you along the way to overcome your inner obstacles, shape your needs and wants to trade your life for the better – without muscling through and sacrificing more of a disconnection from your inner self.

My coaching programs that work for you!


Working from the comfort, privacy and security of your home as well as face to face in person, my one-on-one coaching programs empower you to create a life you don’t need to take a vacation from.  


Dinner events for your personal growth!

Coming to Stuttgart, Germany in Nov 2020! Stay tuned!

Stay tuned for more details!

'miracle of coaching' PODCAST

Listening to ‘miracle of coaching’ is a unique opportunity for self reflection towards a life you really want. My guests are corporate employees who foster a change in their life.

Anna Chashchyna

Kiev, Ukraine

“Having a coaching session with Mareike was an incredibly transformative, eye-opening, and burden-lifting experience!
In less than 2 hours we went down to the core of the issue that was bothering me for a while, and I am glad we did – because I walked out of this experience a NEW person.
I really recommend Mareike coaching for anyone fighting invisible fronts with self – ask the professional, save yourself the time & trouble.
Thank you, Mareike, you are a gem!

Fatima Lagssir

Marrakech, Morocco

Never in a million years, would I have thought that a coaching podcast existed, nor that it would ever exist, let alone that I would participate in one and get to experience amazing breakthroughs during it. 

I can’t lie and say that the following days were peaceful and wonderful. NO, BUT just like most physical trainers say: “Only resistance training helps you lose weight constantly”, I feel like this week has been my spiritual resistance training. It felt as though the universe did not want to give into the new ME that fast, it wanted to test my will and my desire to actually stick with it all. But I can safely and happily say that not only did I survive the week, but I feel like I succeded at maintaining the goals we’ve set up, during our session, high up my list of priorities. MAJOR WIN.

It felt as though I could finally silence the chatter of life and focus on what I really wanted.

I will forever be grateful to you Mareike for your help, kindness, willingness to listen, for letting me do the work, and for guiding me through some very dark places in my mind I wished to never get to explore. And also a big thank you to the wonderful soul who introduced you to me. Thank you a million.”

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miracle of coaching

is NOT your typical development podcast. I am not here to guide, mentor, teach or advise you on how to optimize your life.

I am here to have my podcast guests inspire you find your steps towards a life that has more to offer than emails, meetings, important phone calls and top management presentations.

My podcast is the unique opportunity to listen to other people’s raw, pure and unedited coaching conversations.

Book your free trial session now!

I offer a complimentary initial consultation by phone. During our first conversation we will get to know each other and also complete a 30 minute coaching session.

You will leave the call with an idea of what working with me feels like!

Mareike Schönig

ICF ACC accredited Professional Coach
Transformational Life Coach



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