I live in Bangkok and I love this time of the year.
It’s the time when the sky is blue, the sun is shining, it is hot but not too hot and the air is clean.
It’s the time when the wind usually carries in huge grey rain clouds, which eventually turn into fascinating tropical monsoon rains.
It’s my favorite season.

Generally, and in particular this year, I don’t want the rain season to end. When the beauty of this nature spectacle disappears, we will be leaving Bangkok. For good.

I am at home, the doors are open, the rain clashes against our windows and the wind blows in the rain.
All I have is this very moment. All I will ever remember are my feelings in this very moment.
So I soak up this very moment.
I feel the wind on my skin and fully breathe the warm air in. Hold it inside of me for three, two, one. I keep the tension from my thorax. I hold on to that tight feeling. Sadness. I am sad that I won’t have the tropical monsoon rains for much longer. Tears are rolling down my cheek and they won’t stop until they are done.
I breathe out. Six, five, four, three, two, one. I release the sadness out of myself. I enjoy feeling it flow out of my body. Until it’s truly gone. Until it has disappeared. Until it has made room for something new to come.

The wind dropped and all of a sudden Bangkok is quiet. Our doors are still open and our living room turns into a hot and humid sauna. I begin to sweat, close the doors, turn the AC on. The rain season will end. And we will be leaving Bangkok. And I am ok with it now.

Like all of our feelings, sadness is a wonderful feeling that does not get enough attention.
When fully embraced, when it builds up and entirely occupies our insides, it guides us through the process of transition and change. It shows us what has meaning in our lives and what we are asked to let go of.
Like breathing out air from our lungs, we are invited to release sadness from our insides. To gently let the sadness go. Because only when the sadness is entirely gone, it does leave us warm and cozy embedding the gift of something new for our future to come. A caring space inside of us to be filled with something we love.

Feelings are always in flow and the flow is something that should never be blocked. When we do not allow our feelings to flow, it feels like we are carrying a heavy stone filled backpack. Releasing feelings from our inside is the only thing that creates real peace and quiet inside of us. It’s a lightness that is hard to describe, a scale may not even detect the difference.

The magic of a coaching session is that it can release stuck feelings from inside. The art of a coaching session is that it can elevate you to a mental and physical state you don’t experience very often. The beauty of a coaching session is that it can make you feel peaceful, quiet and light inside.
Contact me for your moment of peace and let your curiosity guide you towards exploring what balance, quiet and lightness really feels like inside of you!



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