We live life mostly in our comfort zone – our auto-pilot. We mostly do what we have always done. We eat similar things, take the same roads to work, remain consistent with our clothing style. We feel competent and confident and rarely deal with any surprises.

Sometimes, wanted or unwanted, when we do things from the unusual, we feel stressed. Very overwhelmed, agonized, in fear and maybe end up panicking. When our heart beats faster and our body temperature rises, we are living life likely from the panic zone. Here, our energy is entirely used up by managing our feelings or anxieties and we have no or little room left for controlled personal growth.

Doing something different than the usual shouldn’t push us all the way into the panic zone, but instead keep us safe in our stretch zone.
The stretch zone might make us feel uncomfortable. Uneasy. Awkward. It might ache. It might hurt. But we are always still OK.
Everything we experience lies just outside of our comfort environment.

When undergoing changes and transitions in life, whether planned or unplanned, we should focus on staying safe in the stretch zone. This is where we grow. This is where we achieve things we have never achieved before. This is where we change behaviours, and overstep our limiting beliefs and get used to new habits.

As a Transformational Life Coach I can help you navigate though your personal growth, your change or your transition while stepping in and out of the stretch zone, for as long as we have managed to make what once was a stretch our new comfort zone.
We have successfully familiarized ourselves with the things outside of our usual world and truly grown. Congratulations!

P.S. Note, that everyone’s comfort, stretch and panic zone are different and that there is no right, no wrong, no better, no worse. We are all ok the way we are.

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