We spend approximately 72,000 hours working in our lives. That is an accumulation of 40 years, 45 weeks, 8 hours and 5 days and roughly 33% of our lifetime from 25-65 years of age.

Now, imagine you’re 38 years old, you’re “OK” with what you’re doing for work. It’s not your ultimate “dream job”, but you accept it for the phase of life that you’re in.
Consider that by this time already 32% of your working life has passed.
What do you feel when you read this?

When I found myself in this exact position, I couldn’t help but feel the strong urge to choose between continuing what I was doing with a sense of giving up on a part of me. Or choose to change the direction in my life so that I could feel deeply connected with who I truly was.

Not doing what we love in life is a waste of precious time.
By choosing to spend time doing something we don’t truly love, we are reducing the amount of time left to do what we actually love.

Consider these possibilities:
>> What if we retire one day without having done much of what we truly wanted with our life and then have health issues that hold us back from finally beginning to live the life we always wanted?
>> What if, when our children are grown one day, we look back and see what we have ‘role modelled’ to them was a life lacking in deep fulfillment because we never showed them what life can be like when we choose a path in life that truly fulfils us.

These possibilities leave me devastated thinking of all the missed opportunities in our and potentially our children’s lives.

Do you believe you can have a life doing what you love?

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