We all know that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, yet many of us still do. Unknowingly.

We compare…

  • our body shapes,
  • our clothes,
  • our careers,
  • our holiday destinations,
  • our kids,
  • our cars,
  • our houses,
  • and whatever else.

We do this subconsciously.

We consciously don’t want to compare ourselves, but we subconsciously do. It simply happens because it’s wired deep in our brain structures.
The moment our conscious mind is busy and distracted with LIFE, we carry on with our subconscious auto-pilot programs. Such that we end up comparing ourselves much more often than we consciously aim to.

Comparison whether done consciously or subconsciously makes us feel bad.
When we can’t have what we compare ourselves to, it creates invisible emotional stress, worries and inner discontent.

Comparison whether done consciously or subconsciously drives us away from our authentic life path.
We want what others have. We do what others do. We ignore what we want to have or do.

Comparison creates a non-fulfilled, non-free, non-purposeful and non-peaceful life. It actually creates a life we need to take a vacation from.

We live life on the non-authentic life path until we allow our actual and true feelings to surface.
Being truly honest with our feelings is the beginning of a great journey towards our authentic self, and towards our authentic life.

Being honest with our feelings is the greatest gift of self-love and self-care we can ever give to ourselves. It will outweigh any relaxation technique you use in your life a million times over.

Being honest with our feelings is the beginning of a life comprised of purpose, freedom, peace of mind and fulfillment.
It’s unbelievable, but being honest with our feelings is the beginning of a life we don’t need to take a vacation from.

Capture your honest feelings related to your actions today and share them with me in a PM to get individual support on how to outgrow those hard wired comparison habits!



It might sound tempting to put some deep-fried food in the microwave, open a beer and watch a couple of episode of the newest Netflix series to rewind after a long day, but these action won’t actually help recharge your empty batteries.

An re-energizing evening routine is essential to make it through exhausting and busy work weeks with enough energy to truly enjoy your free time after work.


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