The other day one of my clients made a wonderful comparison of what salt- and fresh water fishes have in common with living life as the true authentic self.

Saltwater fish do well in saltwater, but not in fresh water.
Fresh water fish do well in fresh water, but not in saltwater.
The liquid environment we place the fish in determines how well it thrives in its life.

As human beings, we are all unique, just like the the fresh water fish is unique to the salt water fish. Our uniqueness is represented by our true authentic self.

Just as the fresh water fish does much better in the fresh water, we thrive in our own environment much better than in a subideal environment. Be it the saline water level for the fishes or the work conditions or the residence country for us, the environment has to complement our true authentic being.

Some of us struggle here.
Some of us struggle to realize if they are a fresh or a saltwater fish.
Some of us struggle to find their ideal waters.
And some of us struggle to migrate from subideal to ideal water.

It is ok to struggle. Struggling is the perfect base to grow.

Growing means learning who we really are.
Growing means identifying what we love to do.
Growing is the greatest gift we receive.
Growing leads us to a life with fulfillment, peace of mind and freedom.

Are you the freshwater fish in the salt water?
Wrongly placed and struggling to cross the waters?

BTW: Some fishes have the ability to thrive in sweet as well as in salt water. Their physiological adaptions serve both environments – not at a time, but over time.
Our lives are in flow too. Over time we can change who we are and what environment we thrive in.
Once we prove to ourselves that we can adapt our outsides to our inner changes, we will benefit from this life long skill. We have grown.

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