“If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t … you’re right.” – Henry Ford

When you don’t like what you do for a living and you don’t act towards change, there might be a limiting belief hidden in your subconscious mind holding you back from living a fulfilled life.

Our beliefs act like filters on a camera. The filter changes how we see our environment, our lives, our world.

The belief that we are our personality, our DNA, our knowing, our social class is just as wrong as the belief that the earth is flat.

What you believe is your choice.

You can live a fulfilled life or a discontented life.

Nothing is fixed. Nothing is set.

We are who we believe we are

We live a life we believe we live.

And we become who we believe we become.

Everything is a choice.


Here is the 1st step of how to overcome your limiting beliefs to re-create joy, purpose and meaning in what you do for work.

#1 Awareness

– Creating awareness around your limiting beliefs is how you begin to overcome them.

– Most of your limiting beliefs aren’t obvious to your conscious mind, which makes it difficult to simply write them down.

– To uncover the invisible, you need to bring conscious attention to what you feel and think.

– Your uncovered behavioral patterns will guide you towards your limiting beliefs.

– In order to do so, write down what you feel and think, to hero get a transparent glimpse of what is really happening inside of you.


Here is the 2nd step of how to overcome your limiting beliefs to re-create joy, purpose and meaning in what you do for work.

#2 Choice

– Once you know what you believe and what is limiting your work fulfillment, you own the free choice to pick a supporting belief instead.

– What belief would assist you in creating the work life you want?

– What would it feel like to live life trusting your supporting belief?

– What positive impact for your work life would your new supporting belief have?


Here is the 3rd step of how to overcome your limiting beliefs to re-create joy, purpose and meaning in what you do for work.

#3 Practice

– Simply knowing what is holding you back and what you want to belief differently won’t turn your limiting believe around. It won’t create the profound change towards a work that feels more fulfilling and satisfying.

– Just like learning a language or a new hobby, overcoming your limiting belief requires effort and training.

– Only your actions trigger your subconscious mind to manifest new and supporting brain structures.

– Repeat your first baby step until you feel confident about it and then move on and implement the next baby step.

– Practicing a new limiting belief can feel frustrating, uncomfortable and maybe weird to you, but be sure that that is ok.

– If you want to give up because you haven’t seen the impact of your practice yet, know that patience is an important key to your success.

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