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Today’s article is about a short and shy feeling in your life.
It might come up when your subconscious mind takes over shortly after you finally brought intuition to your awareness (and you know now what you truly want to do for a living).
Today’s article is about experiencing shame.

What you should know before hiring a Coach

A guidance to make the right choice

This article is intended to help find the right coach companion for our individual needs and goals, whom we know and feel that our investments made are made well and whom we see actual results surfacing when working with him/her.

Perfection as a response to a fear of failure

Perfection is the motor of my life.
I thrive to deliver beyond my own expectations. I do a lot to get everything right on the first attempt. I work hard. I think, I plan and I execute with precision. I am result driven. Everything I do, I wear, I say, I feel, I know, is of extreme high quality and delivered with extraordinary self-discipline. 
I keep my house neat and clean at all times. My clothes are perfectly ironed. Everything I say is well researched. My body weight is always maintained below average.
It sounds pretty successful, but it’s exhausting at the same time.

The beauty of inspiration.

Accessing inspiration is directly linked to being aware of you feelings.
On days when life rolls over me and I don’t access my inner self very well, or in worst cases at all, I am unable to experience inspiration that potentially might bubble up inside. 

Our time is unrenewable.

Our time is unrenewable.

We spend approximately 72,000 hours working in our lives. That is an accumulation of 40 years, 45 weeks, 8 hours and 5 days and roughly 33% of our lifetime from 25-65 years of age. Now, imagine...

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Reflections of change

Reflections of change

It's the 8th of April. Here we are. In quarantine. Leaving the condo grounds only for groceries. Once a week. The days are long. And my toddler has changed. My toddler is not exhausted anymore....

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You’re a beautiful soul.

You’re a beautiful soul.

Airplane. Window Seat. 2F. Take off. Runway. Speeding Up. Rise. Higher. Higher and higher. Blue Sky. Clear view. Skyline. Esplanade. MBS. Financial District. Lavender Park. Left turn. Bintan. Higher...

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“It is our emotions and our empathy that make us brilliant, decisive and compassionate human beings!

Karla McLaren
Author, Empath, Researcher

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